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    Subject[patches] threaded vma patches (was Re: missing madvise functionality)
    Eric Dumazet wrote:
    > Nick Piggin a écrit :
    >> Eric Dumazet wrote:
    >>> I do think such workloads might benefit from a vma_cache not shared
    >>> by all threads but private to each thread. A sequence could
    >>> invalidate the cache(s).
    >>> ie instead of a mm->mmap_cache, having a mm->sequence, and each
    >>> thread having a current->mmap_cache and current->mm_sequence
    >> I have a patchset to do exactly this, btw.
    > Could you repost it please ?

    Sure. I'll send you them privately because they're against an older

    >> Anyway what is the status of the private futex work. I don't think that
    >> is very intrusive or complicated, so it should get merged ASAP (so then
    >> at least we have the interface there).
    > It seems nobody but you and me cared.

    Sad. Although Ulrich did seem interested at one point I think? Ulrich,
    do you agree at least with the interface that Eric is proposing? If
    yes, then Andrew, do you have any objections to putting Eric's fairly
    important patch at least into -mm?

    SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.
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