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Subjectset up new kernel with grub

I compiled a new kernel:, and hope to test it without removing
my old kernel.

Here is what I did by following,289483,sid39_gci1204148,00.html :

I built the kernel in a local directory, say "mydir", with kernel
"bzImage-" and map file "".

>su (#become a root)

>cp mydir/bzImage- /boot/bzImage-
>cp mydir/ /boot/

>cd /boot
>ln -s /boot/bzImage- /boot/bzImage
>ln -s /boot/ /boot/

>vi grub/menu.lst

add a new entry as
title Red Hat Linux (
root (hd0, 0)
kernel /boot/bzImage ro root=LABEL=/
initrd /boot/initrd-

>create an initial ram disk image by
mkinitrd -k /boot/bzImage -i /boot/initrd-

It reports wrong usage of "mkinitrd", and no initrd- is

Any idea about what's wrong with the "mkinitrd" command ?



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