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    I've respun the ext4 development patchset, with Amit's updated fallocate
    patches. I've added Dave's patch to add ia64 support to the fallocate
    system call, but *not* the XFS fallocate support patches. (Probably
    better for them to live in an xfs tree, where they can more easily
    tested and updated.) Yes, we haven't reached complete closure on the
    fallocate system call calling convention, but it's enough for us to get
    more testing in -mm.

    Also added Johann's jbd2-stats-through-procfs patches; it provides
    useful help in turning the size of the journal, which will be useful in
    benchmarking efforts. In addition, Alex Tomas's patch to free
    just-allocated patches when there is an error inserting the extent into
    the extent tree has also been included.

    The patches have been compile-tested on x86, and compile/run-tested on
    x86/UML. Would appreciate reports about testing on other platforms.


    - Ted

    P.S. One bug which I've noted --- if there is a failure due to disk
    filling up, running e2fsck on the filesystem will show that the i_blocks
    fields on the inodes where there was a failure to allocate disk blocks
    are left incorrect. I'm guessing this is a bug in the delayed
    allocation patches. Alex, when you have a moment, could you take a
    look? Thanks!!
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