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SubjectRe: usb hid: reset NumLock
On Tue, 3 Apr 2007, Robert Marquardt wrote:

> > As this quirk is only needed once in the initialization method, we
> > could probably get rid of it and just put and explicit test for PID
> > and VID there (with apropriate comment). We can't afford wasting quirk
> > entries, as we are slowly running out of them.
> Is it a problem of table size or number of table entries? For the number
> of entries a simple change to PID ranges should help. It would also
> allow to move Wacom to the blacklist. I have sent a patch for that
> already, but it was rejected by Greg.

The issue is that 32 bits of the quirk bitmask are going to be taken by
the quirk entries (so no, it's not related to the size of the table).


Jiri Kosina
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