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SubjectRe: Poor UDP performance using 2.6.21-rc5-rt5

* David Sperry <> wrote:

> > there are a few other things i'm working on to improve this. I've
> > uploaded -rt9 which is the current state of affairs. Note that using
> > -rt9 you'll likely only see IRQ-8406 overhead in the system, because
> > i've added an optimization to do process the softirq-net-tx workload
> > in the hardirq thread if the priority of the two is the same (which
> > is the default behavior). But -rt9 is still work in progress that is
> > not fully finished yet: in some cases i'm seeing 'fluctuating
> > performance' problems on forcedeth that werent there before.
> I tried -rt9 and saw some odd 'fluctuating performance'. I'll try it
> again tomorrow when I am much closer to the box's power button.

could you try -rt10? I've improved hardirq/softirq threading performance
some more, and have tuned the forcedeth driver too.

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