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SubjectRe: Back to the future.
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, Pavel Machek wrote:

> This is basically the loop above, made complex by the fact that we do
> not want to have separate partition for snapshot; we just want to
> reuse free space in swap partition.

with the size of drives today is it really that bad to require a seperate
partition for this?

I also don't like the idea of storing this in the swap partition for a couple of

1. on many modern linux systems the swap partition is not large enough.

for example, on my boxes with 16G or ram I only allocate 2G of swap space

2. it's too easy for other things to stomp on your swap partition.

for example: booting from a live CD that finds and uses swap partitions

if you are needing space for your freeze, allocate it in an unabigous way, not
by re-useing an existing partition.

David Lang

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