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    SubjectRe: Back to the future.
    Nigel Cunningham <> ha scritto:
    > On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 11:17 +0300, Pekka Enberg wrote:
    >> On 4/26/07, Nigel Cunningham <> wrote:
    >> > * Mulithreaded I/O (might as well use multiple cores to compress the
    >> > image, now that we're hotplugging later).
    >> I assume this doesn't affect the kernel at all with uswsusp?
    > Well uswsusp would benefit from using multiple threads - if it can - to
    > do the work. I saw quite an improvement from implementing it.

    It's doable[1], but I'm not sure that the added complexity is worth of it.
    I'm suprised that you see a big improvement. I'd expect that the image
    write is bottlenecked by the disk performance. On my PC (Core2, locked
    at 1.6GHz) lzf can compress 250-280MB/s; even with an older CPU that can
    do 1/3 it's still more than the disk can handle.

    [1] We may even use MPI to compress over a Beowulf cluster, it's
    userspace ;)
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