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SubjectRe: [BUG? -rc7] SMP: Just one CPU activated: P4 3GHz HT
On 4/22/07, Luca Tettamanti <> wrote:
> Probably the two siblings are enumerated only in ACPI tables. If you
> disable ACPI the kernel won't be aware of the second "core".
> Luca
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> "Su cio` di cui non si puo` parlare e` bene tacere".
> Ludwig Wittgenstein

On 4/23/07, Robert Hancock <> wrote:
> You didn't enable ACPI, it's needed for almost all systems to detect HT
> and also for many systems to detect multi-cores as well.
> Aside from that, in general I would say that on any modern x86 system
> ACPI should always be enabled. In many cases it seems the BIOS code is
> not tested much without ACPI anymore, so going without ACPI can be
> problematic.
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> Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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Thanks all of you. It seems the problem is ACPI, however, should not
it be noted in some way? Maybe at Documentation/smp.txt, maybe at the
help section at CONFIG_SMP, maybe a "depends on ..."

Or maybe CONFIG_SMP should enable some bits of the ACPI code needed to
detect such additional cores.

Miguel Ojeda
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