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SubjectRe: Question about Reiser4
> Eric Hopper wrote:
>> I know that this whole effort has been put in disarray by the
>> prosecution of Hans Reiser, but I'm curious as to its status.
> It was in disarray well before. Many of the reiser4 features,
> like filesystem plugins, make more technical sense in the Linux
> VFS, but made more business sense for Namesys as a reiserfs 4
> thing. That lead to a stalemate.
Shouldn't it be a matter of stability though? Benchmarks suggest that
reiser4 is a good file system; reiser4 is the successor to the
already-accepted reiserfs; we've got experimental ext4 support but no
reiser4 support, etc.

I don't see why something like plugins should matter. If it works enough
to be marked as experimental, why shouldn't reiser4 support be included?
It's a pain for me personally to have to patch any kernel with reiser4
support so I can use the reiser4 fs.

William Heimbigner

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