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SubjectRe: gtod/clocksource/clockevents documentation
Hello David,

> > But, unfortunately, I have some problems with compiling the kernel, as
> > this patch does not enable CONFIG_GENERIC_TIME, while the patch you
> > published earlier did.
> I'm not sure which patch you mean. I tested only in conjunction with
> updates specific to the at91rm9200.

To be clear, I also meant the patches for the at91rm9200, where you
had added 'select GENERIC_TIME', I copied that to my at91sam9261
I thought adding a clocksource was enough, but I am starting to doubt
about that now...
So, I dive into it some deeper tomorrow morning.
I believe I also have to implement a clockevents implementation

Thanks for your help!

(If I have something working, I will publish it, maybe you can use it
also for your work/patch?)

Kind Regards,

Remy Böhmer
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