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Subjectgtod/clocksource/clockevents documentation
Hello All,

I need to implement a gtod/clocksource/clockevents implementation for
the Atmel ARM AT91SAM9261 CPU, and I am looking for some kernel
(interface) documentation about these mechanisms.

I already investigated the 'examples'/implementations of other
architectures in the kernel, but that did not really help me... I also
looked at the patch for the AT91RM9200 CPU posted by David Brownell...
I hacked something which now makes the RT kernel to boot, but the
time-of-day warps several minutes per second, back and forward in
time... ;-)

So, Can anybody please give me pointer to some useful documentation
and/or examples?

The reason behind this initiative is to make the RT-preempt patch
compile and work on this architecture. Currently the GENERIC_TIME is
not set, which results in several unresolved externals at compile
time, and I believe the best way to fix this is to implement proper
gtod/clocksource/clockevents to allow the enabling of GENERIC_TIME

Kind Regards,

Remy Böhmer
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