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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] [RFC] HID bus design overview.
Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> The cleanest solution without a layer violation is that you can
> register a driver for a specific VID/PID and then report id (one or
> more). All
> reports with ids that we don't have a special driver for are handled by
> the default HID->input driver or handed over to hidraw if not parseable.
> The reports for ids with a special driver are handed over to the driver.
> And for hidraw it would be nice if we can apply filters for specific
> report ids to keep the round-trips and overhead at a minimum.
If we don't use "flip-flopping" means, the common driver and specific
driver concepts also don't need. They are completely same driver for HID
bus, just one without some hooks, another without. The common event
processing is an API from HID core. so, here have not round-trips.

What's the position of hidraw? It only is used when all other driver is
not usable on some report? or, it should be stick every working device.

PS: In last broken "flip-flopping" resolution, the USBHID work also need
some changes ;)

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