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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] x86_64: Switch to SPARSE_VIRTUAL
> Note that these arguments on DISCONTIG are flame bait for many SGIers. 
> We usually see this as an attack on DISCONTIG/VMEMMAP which is the
> existing best performing implementation for page_to_pfn and vice
> versa. Please lets stop the polarization. We want one consistent scheme
> to manage memory everywhere. I do not care what its called as long as it
> covers all the bases and is not a glaring performance regresssion (like
> SPARSEMEM so far).

The main conceptual difference (in my mind) was not having one
bastardized data structure (pg_data_t) that meant different
things in different situations (is it a node, or a section
of discontig mem?). Also we didn't support discontig mem within
a node (at least with the old discontigmem), which was partly
the result of that hybridization.

Beyond that, it's just naming really.

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