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SubjectRe: [linux-cifs-client] Re: cifs and kthread_run / kernel_thread
Hi Steve, hi Igor,

Am Montag, 2. April 2007 schrieb Q (Igor Mammedov):
> >
> > No - IIRC the original patch (for the switch of cifs from kernel_thread
> > to kthread) had a
> > minor implementation problem in handling the cifs_demultiplex thread, so
> > this one small
> > area was left with the old style.

can you remember what the problems (if any) were with this patch from Igor?

> It seems to me that I rewrote cifs_demultiplex_thread to use kthread_run
> in DFS patch.

o.k., I found the patch on the list. Will do some testing with it.

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