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SubjectRe: [mmc] alternative TI FM MMC/SD driver for 2.6.21-rc7
Have you looked at the last version (0.8)? It fixed all outstanding issues (as far as I know).

--- Sergey Yanovich <> wrote:


The device is present in many notebooks. Notebooks depend heavily onsuspend/resume functionality.
tifm_core/7xx1/sd family is an ambitous,but uncompleted project. It used to crash on resuming, or
hang up onsuspending. A less common failure used to be trigerred by a fast cardinsert/removal
sequence. Finally, tifm_sd module needs to be manuallyinserted.

I have found it easier to rewrite the driver, than to fix. This driveris kind of mutant. The bones
are taken from sdhci and omap, the meat -from tifm_*. It contains all features (and bugs except
named above) oftifm_* as it was in kernel 2.6.21-rc7.

I have been testing this version since linux-2.6.18 (daily readingphotos from cards, daily
suspending/resuming) without a single glitch.

This patch only provides sources.
[PATCH1/2] [mmc] alternative TI FM MMC/SD driver for 2.6.21-rc7
Kernel configuration in this message.
[PATCH2/2] [mmc] alternative TIFM driver config for 2.6.21-rc7

Alex Dubov has done exceptionally great lots of work to teach linuxspeak to TIFM. This is just a
reorganization of his project.

The driver seems to be practically stable, but it definitely must betested by more people. Please
also report any issues with this driverto linux bug#8352 so that valuable info is not lost.

Best regards,
Sergey Yanovich

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