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SubjectRe: Renice X for cpu schedulers
On Thursday 19 April 2007 23:17, Mark Lord wrote:
> Con Kolivas wrote:
> s go ahead and think up great ideas for other ways of metering out cpu
> > bandwidth for different purposes, but for X, given the absurd simplicity
> > of renicing, why keep fighting it? Again I reiterate that most users of
> > SD have not found the need to renice X anyway except if they stick to old
> > habits of make -j4 on uniprocessor and the like, and I expect that those
> > on CFS and Nicksched would also have similar experiences.
> Just plain "make" (no -j2 or -j9999) is enough to kill interactivity
> on my 2GHz P-M single-core non-HT machine with SD.
> But with the very first posted version of CFS by Ingo,
> I can do "make -j2" no problem and still have a nicely interactive destop.

Cool. Then there's clearly a bug with SD that manifests on your machine as it
should not have that effect at all (and doesn't on other people's machines).
I suggest trying the latest version which fixes some bugs.


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