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SubjectRe: CFS and suspend2: hang in atomic copy
Ingo Molnar wrote:	[Wed Apr 18 2007, 06:02:28PM EDT]
> * Christian Hesse <> wrote:
> > > although probably your suspend2 problem is still not fixed, it's
> > > worth a try nevertheless. Which suspend2 patch did you apply, and
> > > was it against -rc6 or -rc7?
> >
> > You are right again. ;-)
> >
> > Linux 2.6.21-rc7
> > Suspend2 (applies cleanly to -rc7)
> > CFS v3 (without any additional patches)
> >
> > And it still hangs on suspend.
> what's the easiest way for me to try suspend2? Apply the patch, reboot
> into the kernel, then execute what command to suspend? (there's a
> confusing mismash of initiators of all the suspend variants. Can i drive
> this by echoing to /sys/power/state?)
> Ingo
I had hoped to collect more data with CFS V2. It crashes in
scale_nice_down for s2ram when attempting to disable_nonboot_cpus.
So part of traceback looks like (typed by hand with obvious omissions):

update_stats_wait_end - not shown in traceback because inlined

This is standard -rc7 with V2 CFS applied. It could be a completely
unrelated issue. I'll attempt to debug further tomorrow.

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