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    SubjectRe: vanilla does't boot
    On Friday 13 April 2007 02:35, Marat Buharov wrote:
    > > [17179569.184000] >>> ERROR: Invalid checksum
    > Seems like you have buggie bios. As the workaround try to start your
    > kernel with noacpi parameter.
    > Solution: Upgrade the BIOS firmware with the latest version available from the
    > manufacturer.

    ACPI: OEMB (v001 A M I AMI_OEM 0x05000504 MSFT 0x00000097) @ 0x7ffae040
    >>> ERROR: Invalid checksum
    ACPI: MCFG (v001 A M I OEMMCFG 0x05000504 MSFT 0x00000097) @ 0x7ffa8810

    The Invald checksum message refers to the table header that was just printed.
    In this case the OEMB table, which Linux doesn't use.

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