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Subject[PATCH 0/4] 2.6.21-rc7 NFS writes: fix a series of issues
I've split the issues introduced by the 2.6.21-rcX write code up into 4

The first patch is just a cleanup in order to ease review.

Patch number 2 ensures that we never release the PG_writeback flag until
_after_ we've either discarded the unstable request altogether, or put it
on the nfs_inode's commit or dirty lists.

Patch number 3 fixes the 'desynchronized value of nfs_i.ncommit' error. It
uses the PG_NEED_COMMIT flag as an indicator for whether or not the request
may be redirtied.

Patch number 4 protects the NFS '.set_page_dirty' address_space operation
against races with nfs_inode_add_request.

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