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    SubjectRe: [patch] CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler), v2

    * Peter Williams <> wrote:

    > Can I make a suggestion?
    > Would it be possible (from now on) to publish changes relevant to the
    > previous patch (eventually leading to a series of patches that
    > describes the evolution of the new scheduler) so that it's easier for
    > us reviewers/critics to see the latest changes. E.g. if import such
    > changes into something like quilt (using my gquilt GUI wrapper, of
    > course :-)) I can then use meld (or similar) to follow what's going as
    > suggestions get folded in and bugs get fixed etc.

    the v1 patch is still downloadable so you can do a delta by first
    applying the v1 patch to a quilt queue, doing a 'quilt snapshot', then
    'quilt pop', add the v2 patch to the series file, do a 'quilt push',
    then doing a "quilt diff --snapshot". (I just posted the delta patch in
    this thread so you can pick it from there too.)

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