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SubjectRe: ZFS with Linux: An Open Plea
On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Daniel Hazelton wrote:
>> Why on discussion about switching to GPL v3 Linux code this argument was
>> allways taken as "piece of cake". Why in case switching to another license
>> which will allow use CDDL code just it is most importand contr argument ?
>> kloczek
> Because *EVERY* version of the GPL contains the "or any later version of this
> license" clause (except, now, the version being used with the Linux kernel)

So after around commented swiching to GPL v3 it will be possible to start
work on GLP v3.5 which will allow easy reuse CDDL code under Linux .. good
to know :o)
How many years it will take ? two, three ? more ? (it will be
good to know how long we must wait on ZFS under Linux .. I don't belive in
rewriting ZFS code time and make it so useable on production as *now* it
is possible under Solaris/*BSD/MOX and passing all pointless arguing will
take shorter time) .. or maybe never because some people says
something like "Linux is in GPL cage".

Hmm .. transforming KProbes/systemtap to someting useable as DTrace was
started more than two years ago and I don't see end of base work (sill on
start). Make ALSA so useable as OSS it was next three trashed years
(because some developers stays on position "mixing audio in kernel space
is dangerous") and also not finished in many points. LVM still isnt't
Veritas. I don't see OpenVZ to tries be so useable and easy for managa as
Solaris zoning (why OpenVZ people can't use the same commands syntax for
manage zones as under Solaris .. command syntax is not patented :). Also
.. moment .. moment .. for what I'm waiting if I can install and use
Solaris/*BSD/MOX *NOW* ??? Why still contribute any code to project which
seems must die ? (Is is realy true that some beeings which can't evolve in
changeing enviroment will not survive .. ?)

EOT .. sorry

*Ludzie nie mają problemów, tylko sobie sami je stwarzają*
Tomasz Kłoczko, sys adm|*e-mail:*
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