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    SubjectRe: [CRYPTO] is it really optimized ?

    On 4/14/07, Herbert Xu <> wrote:
    > It should be easy to restrict a crypto device so that it's used
    > by one specific user. That's why we have generic names ("aes") vs.
    > specific ones ("aes-foo").
    > So if you let the priority user pick "aes-foo" instead of "aes",
    > and given that there is a higher priority variant of the generic
    > "aes" registered, the system will do exactly what you want.

    hmm yes indeed it should do the job, but I don't see how you do that.
    For example, let say I want to use "aes-foo" with eCryptfs. I can give
    a higher priority to "aes-foo" than "aes" one. When eCryptfs asks for
    a aes cipher it will pass "aes" name and since "aes-foo" has a higher
    priority then the cypto core will return "aes-foo" cipher, right ? But
    in this scheme, eCryptfs has not a higher priority than other kernel
    users. How can I prevent others to use "aes-foo" ?

    Actually I'd like to say "'aes-foo' is a cipher used by one and only
    one user". That would allow aes-foo driver to no reload the same key
    for each block and to be more efficient for my common case.

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