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    SubjectRe: GIT and the current -stable
    On 04/14/2007 08:24 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:

    > I think adding these lines to .git/config would do the trick,
    > after you have done the "checkout -b v2.6.20 v2.6.20" step:
    > [branch "v2.6.20"]
    > remote = stable
    > merge = refs/heads/master
    > [remote "stable"]
    > url = git://
    > fetch = refs/heads/master
    > provided if stable team forks v2.6.20.y history off of Linus's
    > v2.6.20.
    > With the above configuration, anytime you say "git pull" while
    > on your v2.6.20 branch will fetch from "stable" and merge their
    > 'master' branch in your current branch (i.e. v2.6.20 branch).

    Yes, this does seem to work, thanks. Was thrown of a bit by having named the
    branch "v2.6.20". GIT and I disagree what it is that I want to happen when I
    say "git checkout v2.6.20" if v2.6.20 is also a tag on master.

    The pull behaviour does not follow further branches:

    rene@7ixe4:~/src/linux/local$ git branch
    * 2.6.20
    rene@7ixe4:~/src/linux/local$ git checkout -b 7ixe4
    Switched to a new branch "7ixe4"
    rene@7ixe4:~/src/linux/local$ git pull
    Warning: No merge candidate found because value of config option
    "branch.7ixe4.merge" does not match any remote branch fetched.
    No changes.

    This might in practice not be all bad in fact, and I suppose I understand
    how to "fix" it along the same lines as above.

    But as happens very frequently with GIT, I get the feeling that I just don't
    understand how it's all intended to be used. It seems that what I wanted
    above is not standard? What would be expected use of the stable GIT repo?
    Just cloning that outright into another repo?

    A "GIT WHYTO" from someone with the oversight would be very useful...

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