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SubjectRe: [RFC 1/1] Char: mxser_new, fix recursive locking
Jiri Slaby wrote:
: On 4/14/07, Jan Yenya Kasprzak <> wrote:
: >~BUG: spinlock lockup on CPU#0, sshd/1671, ffffffff80557780
: [...]
: >the write(1, "/file/name/...", ...) call returned -EIO.
: Just a question: both with mxser_new, right?

No. One side has a multiport C168H with mxser_new, and the other
one (the one from which the above strace is) is an ordinary server with
console on ttyS0. So the above write(1,...) has fd#1 on ttyS0.


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