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SubjectRe: [Kernel-discuss] Re: [PATCH 3/7] [RFC] Battery monitoring class
On Thu, 12 Apr 2007, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
> Yes, that's apparently the way to go. We just should consider
> if mAh and mWh are enough, or we go wider and allow whole collection of
> units. Btw, original code used Joules ;-).

FWIW, SBS only mentions mAh and mWh. AFAIK, all other (meaningful) units
should be able to be converted to either Ah or Wh, assuming enough precision
on the math. I never heard of any other way to fuel-gauge batteries than
these two main modes (current-based or capacity-based), but I don't work on
the battery field.

That said, you may need to use uWh and uAh instead of mAh and mWh, though.

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