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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/17] afs: convert afs_dir_get_page to read_kmap_page
On 4/12/07, David Howells <> wrote:
> Nate Diller <> wrote:
> > -static struct page *afs_dir_get_page(struct inode *dir, unsigned long index)
> NAK. This conflicts with my AFS security patches, and eliminates any way of
> passing the key through to readpage().

Hmmm you're right. Is your security work going into the next -mm? If
so, I'll just re-base this cleanup patch on that ... at the very least
I want to get rid of afs_dir_put_page(). Also, did you consider
passing the key pointer directly and modifying the readpage actor to
simply cast the pointer back, like read_mapping_page(mapping, page,
(struct file *)key)? It seems like a waste to allocate a whole file
struct on the stack just for the ->private field.

Andrew in the mean time just disregard this patch.

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