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Subject[patch 00/10] (resend) mount ownership and unprivileged mount syscall
This patchset adds support for keeping mount ownership information in
the kernel, and allow unprivileged mount(2) and umount(2) in certain

This can be useful for the following reasons:

- mount(8) can store ownership ("user=XY" option) in the kernel
instead, or in addition to storing it in /etc/mtab. For example if
private namespaces are used with mount propagations /etc/mtab
becomes unworkable, but using /proc/mounts works fine

- fuse won't need a special suid-root mount/umount utility. Plain
umount(8) can easily be made to work with unprivileged fuse mounts

- users can use bind mounts without having to pre-configure them in

Unprivileged mounts are restricted to private namespaces created with
a special clone flag.

Changes from the previous submission:

- add namespace flag for allowing user mounts
- add clone flag to set above namespace flag
- make max number of user mounts default to 1024, since now the
namespace flag will prevent user mounts by default

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