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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/13] maps#2: Move the page walker code to lib/
On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:35:44 +1000 Nick Piggin <> wrote:

> Matt Mackall wrote:
> > Move the page walker code to lib/
> >
> > This lets it get shared outside of proc/ and linked in only when
> > needed.
> Still should go into mm/

spose so.

> If it had, you might have also noticed your pagetable walking code
> is completely different from how everyone else does it, and fixed
> that too.

Different in what way?

> BTW. Is it the case that unused and unexported symbols don't get
> pruned by the linker except inside lib/?

If they're static and unreferenced then the linker will remove them. Of
course, usually humans remove these because they generate warnings, unless
special-things happen. We deliberately do special-things with
register_cpu_notifier() so the notifier-block and the handler go away if

If the functions are non-static then yes, I expect we end up with them in
vmlinux. There are tricks we can play with -ffunction-sections to fix
that, but we don't.
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