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SubjectRe: Loud "pop" coming from hard drive on reboot
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> On Apr 11 2007 17:35, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
>> Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>> On Apr 11 2007 17:07, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
>>>> When I reboot my notebook, it powers off and powers back on.
>>>> On poweroff a loud snapping noise seems to be coming from the
>>>> hard drive. Today I noticed there is no "shutdown: hda" on
>>>> the console when I reboot. Whne I do a normal poweroff the
>>>> message is displayed and there is no noise. Should the IDE
>>>> code be changed so it always shuts down the drive?
>>> What sort of notebook? What sort of harddisk?
>> Compaq Presario V2000 series, with a new Seagate ST9120821A
>> 120GB 5400RPM drive.
> I specifically hoped you might have a TOSHIBA MK2003GAH,
> which does a hard unload when left idle for too long.
> Only on reboots huh?
> What happens if you reboot another OS, freebsd f.ex.? (You can try that off
> CD1)

Now we're getting somewhere. There is some other OS on here because
it's required for doing BIOS updates. I booted it and shut down.
The power cycle count increased but the power off retract count did not.

The counts are:

power cycle ... 111
power off retract ... 92

The difference is now 19; it was 18 before.

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