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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] kthread: Don't depend on work queues
    Andrew Morton <> writes:

    > argh. Your description freely confuddles the terms "kernel thread" and
    > "kthread". Can we not do that? Henceforth the term "kernel thread" refers
    > to something which was started with kernel_thread() and "kthread" refers to
    > something which was created by kthread_create(), OK?

    Yes. Will fix.

    > Your patch gets midly tangled up with Oleg's recent
    > reduce-reparent_to_init.patch
    > make-kernel-threads-invisible-to-sbin-init.patch
    > reparent-kernel-threads-to-swapper.patch
    > but they seemed fairly unpopular anyway so I'll drop 'em.

    Ok. I kind of liked the first one but that is a minor cleanup.

    > Your wait_event() will contribute to load average, I expect. We get mail.
    > I converted it to wait_event_interruptible().

    Ok. That is more polite.

    > I guess using PF_NOFREEZE rather than try_to_freeze() is OK, but one
    > wonders what thinking led to that?

    That is what we are currently doing for the work queues, and I was lazy.
    For people who care they can fix it.

    > Often when we have a singleton thread like this it is neater to use
    > wake_up_process() directly on it, rather than creating a rather pointless
    > waitqueue_head for it. I started looking into that but it would have taken
    > more than 30 seconds.

    Sure I took a look and it isn't too hard. Updated patch in a minute...

    I have left the locking the way it is despite the reasonable chance that
    Oleg points I can only acquire the lock when deleting the list entry.
    I'm to lazy to think through the SMP races to make certain that is safe.


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