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SubjectRe: I give up

On Apr 11 2007 18:43, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
>"John Anthony Kazos Jr." <> writes:
>> I think that's especially true. If a user begins with a single full disk
>> for their entire filesystem, uses tar to backup, and then later adds a
>> second disk, copies everything from /usr and /home onto partitions there
>> (making sure to preserve all interesting bits like ctime/mtime), and
>> mounts them over the original directories, tar should not decide that
>> every file in /usr and /home was deleted and recreated.
>That wouldn't work, even if you managed to copy ctime, the target
>inode number will be different than the original and backup has
>to assume it's a different file.

Time for rsync and/or rsync -c. And some target filesystem that is
fused to a [can-be-]non-solid archive, like 7z.

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