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    SubjectRe: Performance Stats: Kernel patch
    On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:59:16 +0400
    Maxim Uvarov <> wrote:

    > Patch adds Process Performance Statistics.
    > It make available to the user the following
    > new per-process (thread) performance statistics:
    > * Involuntary Context Switches
    > * Voluntary Context Switches
    > * Number of system calls
    > This data is useful for detecting hyperactivity
    > patterns between processes.

    Your description is not very clear about the semantic of your stats.

    You currently returns stats only for thread(s) (not process as you claimed)

    Please check kernel/sys.c:k_getrusage() to see how getrusage() has to sum *lot* of individual fields to get precise process numbers (even counting stats for dead threads)

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