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    SubjectRe: I give up
    Gene Heskett wrote:
    > On Tuesday 10 April 2007, Olaf Hering wrote:
    >> On Mon, Apr 09, Dave Dillow wrote:
    >>> It's not /dev he's backing up -- its /home, /usr, and others. GNU tar
    >>> saves the device and inode numbers from the {,l}stat() call on each
    >>> file and decides it is a new file if either number changes from run to
    >>> run.
    >> So fix tar to not do silly things.
    >> Kernel major:minor numbers are not stable.
    > YOU Tell that to the tar/star people, they are flabbergasted that its not
    > stable. It apparently is for every other OS tar can be run on.

    It's just the new world that we live in.

    I don't see us ever going back to 100% static major/minors.

    Though as a point of history, Linux has /always/ supported dynamic
    major/minor numbers, even back in 0.99 days. We avoided the problem
    then because the dynamic major/minors were only used by drivers that had
    not yet had static numbers assigned, or their author chose to avoid
    LANANA for some other reason.


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