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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] console UTF-8 fixes
    Egmont Koblinger wrote:
    > I know that correctly handling all Unicode scripts, including CJK, Hebrew,
    > Arabic, Indic are a much more complicated story and it's way beyond the
    > scope of kernel. I don't even know whether there's any graphical user-space
    > application handling all these issues perfectly. So I really don't want to
    > address them.
    > I'd like only one small modification: the cursor to jump two columns for CJK
    > characters instead of just one. (Either two FFFD's, or rather an FFFD
    > followed by a space printed.) This would allow you to edit English words
    > within a mixed CJK-English text file. As my experiences show, such a minor
    > change in the terminal driver would solve cursor aligning issues in *many*
    > cases. With this change the console would still be very-very far from being
    > perfect, it just would be simply better in practice.

    I don't see the point in dealing with one particular corner case,
    especially a corner case for which font support is inherently impossible.

    > Are you still definitely against this change? I see no drawbacks this could
    > cause, while it would make the console better in some circumstances. I think
    > this is just a small step towards a better console driver.

    It's bloat.

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