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    SubjectRe: USB: on suspend to ram/disk all usb devices are replugged

    > > Problem is that suspending _with_ removable mass storage devices
    > > attached just will not work. User will unplug them, then complain
    > > about corruption. Advanced user will unplug them, work with them
    > > somewhere else, replug them, then loose filesystem.
    > >
    > > Feel free to send patch to teach filesystems to handle this.
    > I was suggesting in the Bugzilla that the file system should actually do
    > this. I don't have a patch for this, sorry.

    Unfortunately it is a _lot_ of work, so noone has time for that :-(.

    > > Check your facts. Laptops do not melt. I know, I put them into my bed,
    > > covered with pillow, and let them complain (evo 560c). ACPI thermals
    > > can handle that.
    > Some laptops may severely overheat especially if the backlight is not
    > turned off (See: Apple hardware). Pretending that all hardware "just
    > works" or that all drivers "just work" is nice but not really useful in
    > the real life especially when we're talking about damaging hardware.

    Apple should fix their hardware, then. And you should not run Linux
    there, because their hardware is broken; they assume OS X.
    (cesky, pictures)
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