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    Subject[PATCH 11/41] KVM: Renumber ioctls
    The recent changes have left the ioctl numbers in complete disarray.

    Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
    include/linux/kvm.h | 34 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
    1 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

    diff --git a/include/linux/kvm.h b/include/linux/kvm.h
    index d89189a..93472da 100644
    --- a/include/linux/kvm.h
    +++ b/include/linux/kvm.h
    @@ -229,34 +229,34 @@ struct kvm_cpuid {
    * ioctls for /dev/kvm fds:
    -#define KVM_GET_API_VERSION _IO(KVMIO, 1)
    -#define KVM_CREATE_VM _IO(KVMIO, 2) /* returns a VM fd */
    -#define KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST _IOWR(KVMIO, 15, struct kvm_msr_list)
    +#define KVM_GET_API_VERSION _IO(KVMIO, 0x00)
    +#define KVM_CREATE_VM _IO(KVMIO, 0x01) /* returns a VM fd */
    +#define KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST _IOWR(KVMIO, 0x02, struct kvm_msr_list)

    * ioctls for VM fds
    -#define KVM_SET_MEMORY_REGION _IOW(KVMIO, 10, struct kvm_memory_region)
    +#define KVM_SET_MEMORY_REGION _IOW(KVMIO, 0x40, struct kvm_memory_region)
    * KVM_CREATE_VCPU receives as a parameter the vcpu slot, and returns
    * a vcpu fd.
    -#define KVM_CREATE_VCPU _IO(KVMIO, 11)
    -#define KVM_GET_DIRTY_LOG _IOW(KVMIO, 12, struct kvm_dirty_log)
    +#define KVM_CREATE_VCPU _IO(KVMIO, 0x41)
    +#define KVM_GET_DIRTY_LOG _IOW(KVMIO, 0x42, struct kvm_dirty_log)

    * ioctls for vcpu fds
    -#define KVM_RUN _IO(KVMIO, 16)
    -#define KVM_GET_REGS _IOR(KVMIO, 3, struct kvm_regs)
    -#define KVM_SET_REGS _IOW(KVMIO, 4, struct kvm_regs)
    -#define KVM_GET_SREGS _IOR(KVMIO, 5, struct kvm_sregs)
    -#define KVM_SET_SREGS _IOW(KVMIO, 6, struct kvm_sregs)
    -#define KVM_TRANSLATE _IOWR(KVMIO, 7, struct kvm_translation)
    -#define KVM_INTERRUPT _IOW(KVMIO, 8, struct kvm_interrupt)
    -#define KVM_DEBUG_GUEST _IOW(KVMIO, 9, struct kvm_debug_guest)
    -#define KVM_GET_MSRS _IOWR(KVMIO, 13, struct kvm_msrs)
    -#define KVM_SET_MSRS _IOW(KVMIO, 14, struct kvm_msrs)
    -#define KVM_SET_CPUID _IOW(KVMIO, 17, struct kvm_cpuid)
    +#define KVM_RUN _IO(KVMIO, 0x80)
    +#define KVM_GET_REGS _IOR(KVMIO, 0x81, struct kvm_regs)
    +#define KVM_SET_REGS _IOW(KVMIO, 0x82, struct kvm_regs)
    +#define KVM_GET_SREGS _IOR(KVMIO, 0x83, struct kvm_sregs)
    +#define KVM_SET_SREGS _IOW(KVMIO, 0x84, struct kvm_sregs)
    +#define KVM_TRANSLATE _IOWR(KVMIO, 0x85, struct kvm_translation)
    +#define KVM_INTERRUPT _IOW(KVMIO, 0x86, struct kvm_interrupt)
    +#define KVM_DEBUG_GUEST _IOW(KVMIO, 0x87, struct kvm_debug_guest)
    +#define KVM_GET_MSRS _IOWR(KVMIO, 0x88, struct kvm_msrs)
    +#define KVM_SET_MSRS _IOW(KVMIO, 0x89, struct kvm_msrs)
    +#define KVM_SET_CPUID _IOW(KVMIO, 0x8a, struct kvm_cpuid)

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