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SubjectRe: refcounting drivers' data structures used in sysfs buffers
Am Freitag, 9. März 2007 21:08 schrieb Alan Stern:
> After some more thought, I basically agree with what Oliver wrote
> originally.  sysfs_dirent is indeed the logical place to store the kref
> pointer.  However it needs to be used during open and release, not during


> read, write, and poll.  Another point, which Oliver didn't think of, is
> that the kref pointer needs to be passed to the driver as an argument in
> the show() and store() method calls.

Why? What's wrong with simply calling kref_get/put?

> Finally, there's added complexity in each driver which wants to use the
> new facility.  The module_exit routine will need to be smart enough to
> block until all the private data structures have been released.  
> usb-storage does something like that now; it's kind of ugly (although it
> could be improved if appropriate support were added to the core kernel).

If we up the module count for every bound device, all device attributes
should be gone before we ever get that far.

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