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SubjectRe: "No handler for vector" patches don't work on some systems
Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Chuck Ebbert <> writes:
>> So far I've tried the simple "survive having no handler
>> for a vector" patch and the preliminary 3-patch series
>> that was in -mm for a while, and neither work on the
>> Dell PowerEdge 29xx and 19xx systems. These servers
>> have the Intel 5000X chipset with the 6700PXH PCI Hub
>> with dual independent PCI-X busses, each with its own
>> I/OxAPIC with 24 interrupts. The fixes do work on
>> "simple" systems but not on these high-end ones.
> I would very much like to know if what I merged linus's tree helps.
> It is a little more conservative, than my earlier patches. I need
> a way to reproduce this or to work closely with someone who is, because
> this sounds like it has a different cause and I need to start with
> that assumption.

Was that merged or is it still in -mm? The last thing I see in
arch/x86_64/irq.c is:

[PATCH] x86-64: survive having no irq mapping for a vector

And we tried that one.
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