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    SubjectRe: [patch] epoll use a single inode ...
    On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Eric Dumazet wrote:

    > I would definitly *love* saving dentries for pipes (and sockets too), but how
    > are you going to get the inode ?

    I was not planning to touch anything but epoll, signalfd and timerfd

    > pipes()/sockets() can use read()/write()/rw_verify_area() and thus need
    > file->f_path.dentry->d_inode (so each pipe needs a separate dentry)

    Currently, they use a single inode, and multiple dentries (to give the
    name of the class). But this could be changed to a single dentry like
    Linus was suggesting. I'll wait for Al's reply before doing anything.
    Memory saving can be something, on top of the already big one of avoiding
    code duplication.

    - Davide

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