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SubjectRe: Raid 10 Problems?

>> > -b internal -- seems like a good idea to speed up
>> > resynchronization.
>> I'm trying to figure out what the default is.
>> > -e 1.0 -- I wonder why the new superblock format
>> > is
>> > not default in mdadm (0.90 is still used).
>> >
>> Looks interesting for big arrays but not sure it's
>> worth starting over for. Trying to get through a 2
>> hour sync using 4 500gb sata 2 drives.
> That's exactly why you want the bitmap. Fortunately you can add it after the
> array is created. Now the bad news, you should read and understand the meaning
> of the "far" layout. Part of the information is in the mdadm man page under -p,
> some in the md man page. Use of "far" layout will effect the performance of the
> array, the balance of read vs. write performance, and (maybe) the reliability.

So to keep it simple, don't use far unless you have a reason to.

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