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SubjectRe: [patch 00/13] Syslets, "Threadlets", generic AIO support, v3
On 3/3/07, Davide Libenzi <> wrote:
> <snip>
> Those *other* (tons?!?) interfaces can be created *when* the need comes
> (see Linus signalfd [1] example to show how urgent that was). *When*
> the need comes, they will work with existing POSIX interfaces, without
> requiring your own just-another event interface. Those other interfaces
> could also be more easily adopted by other Unix cousins, because of
> the fact that they rely on existing POSIX interfaces.

Please stop with this crap, this chicken or the egg argument of yours is utter
BULLSHIT! Just because Linux doesn't have a decent kernel event
notification mechanism it does not mean that users don't need. Nobody
cared about Linus's
signalfd because it wasn't mainline.

Look at any event notification libraries out there, it makes me sick how much
kludge they have to go thru to get near the same functionality of
kqueue on Linux.

Solaris has the Event Ports mechanism since 2003. FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
and Mac OS X support kqueue since around 2000. Windows has had event
notification for ages now. These _facilities_ are all widely used,
given the platforms

So here we are, 2007. epoll() works with files, pipes, sockets,
inotify and anything
pollable (file descriptors) but aio, timers, signals and user-defined
event. Can we
please get those working with epoll ? Something as simple as:

struct epoll_event ev; = EV_TIMER | EPOLLONESHOT; = 1000; /* timeout */

epoll_ctl(epfd, EPOLL_CTL_ADD, 0 /* ignored */, &ev);


struct sigevent ev;

ev.sigev_notify = SIGEV_EPOLL;
ev.sigev_signo = epfd;
ev.sigev_value = &ev;

timer_create(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &ev, &timerid);


struct sigevent ev;
int fd = io_setup(..); /* oh boy, I wish... but it works */ = EV_AIO | EPOLLONESHOT;
/* returns pointer to the iocb */
epoll_ctl(epfd, EPOLL_CTL_ADD, fd, &ev);


struct iocb iocb;

iocb.aio_fildes = fileno(stdin);
iocb.aio_lio_opcode = IO_CMD_PREAD;
iocb.c.notify = IO_NOTIFY_EPOLL; /* __pad3/4 */

Would this be acceptable? Can we finally move on?

Kirk Kuchov
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