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SubjectRe: 2.6.21-rc2-mm1

I'm experiencing weird system hangs with recent -mm. After a few hours of uptime for no
obvious reason system hangs and is (almost) unusable until reset.

a few facts:

- this happens on random basis without anything obvious that could trigger it
- if some music is played and system hangs the music starts looping in thight loop causing weird
sound effects
- sometimes I'm able to switch from X to console, it takes a few seconds to switch though
- system is eating 100% CPU what is shown by my laptop fans
- when I switch to console I can issue SysRq commands but they do not work i.e.:
SysRq + P shows only the first line: "SysRq: Show Regs"
- in console in which I can log into the system I'm unable to type
- in console where syslog is logging *.* I'm able to type
- if the wifi card was plugged into the system before the hang happend the networking seems to work ok
- when I reattach my pcmcia wifi card it doesn't get detected (nothing happens)
- when I try to login to my laptop from remote machine the line "login:" and that's it, nothing
more happens
- system logs show nothing interesting as even if there is some usable debug info I'm unable to
SysRq + S and read it after reboot

With 2.6.20-mm1 it happened as well. I get the feeling that 2.6.20-rc2-mm1 needs a bit more uptime
to hit this bug.


Mariusz Kozlowski
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