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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] [SCSI]stex: fix id mapping issue
    Ed Lin wrote:
    > The internal id/lun mapping of st_vsc and st_vsc1 controllers is different
    > from st_shasta. The original driver code can only map first 16 'entities'
    > for st_vsc and st_vsc1 while there are actually 128 available.
    > Also the ST_MAX_LUN_PER_TARGET should be 8, although this can do
    > no harm because inquiries beyond boundary are discarded by firmware.
    > The correct internal mapping should be:
    > id:0~15, lun:0~7 (st_shasta)
    > id:0, lun:0~127 (st_yosemite)
    > id:0~127, lun:0 (st_vsc and st_vsc1)
    > To scsi mid layer they are all channel:0~7, id:0~15, lun:0, with a maximun
    > 'entity' number of 128. The RAID console only interfaces to scsi mid layer
    > and is always mapped at channel:0, id:16, lun:0.
    > Signed-off-by: Ed Lin <>

    ACK patches 1-4. I presume James will apply them to scsi-fixes...


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