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SubjectRe: [patch 3/3] libata: handle AN interrupt

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Fair enough, though I definitely lean towards some use of sysfs / device
> model for AN-style events specifically. The media change events are
> generated by the device, not the transport, and we should definitely
> have an object in the device model that represents the device (if we
> don't already).
> I could see transport-based events being delivered to a different
> endpoint, because transport events differ from device events.
> Jeff

Sure... although what object the event relates to is really a component of
either the socket (1 per object) or an object identifier within the event
message (1 socket with message headers). The transport, as we use it, really
isn't the object and isn't the one generating the events, it's just a well-known
listening point and serves as a nice library to insulate drivers from the

Granted, what's being proposed now is fairly simple, so sysfs works fine.
But if you grow at all, you'll be confronted with the multiple-readers
and payload issues that we had.

-- james
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