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SubjectRe: [RFC] i386: Remove page sized slabs for pgds and pmds
On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Andrew Morton wrote:

> I would like to test qlhack on ia64, because ia64 puts pte-pages into the
> quicklists as well, but my ia64 machine is presently indisposed.

Its probably easier to set the number of cached pages to one.

> My (much) preferred way to handle all this is to remove the quicklists from
> all architectures: just use alloc_page() and free_page() for pte pages, pmd
> pages, etc. I remain unaware of any testing whcih indicates that this
> would be a bad change.

Tried this also on x86_64 with an enhanced quicklist patch that also deals
with ptes (at the price of not guaranteeing the free after the tlb flush):


real 8m56.787s
user 7m46.380s
sys 0m55.910s

real 8m58.326s
user 7m46.030s
sys 0m56.250s

real 8m56.900s
user 7m46.620s
sys 0m55.570s

no quicklist:

real 9m7.798s
user 7m48.340s
sys 0m58.360s

real 8m58.994s
user 7m47.980s
sys 0m54.870s

real 8m58.533s
user 7m48.030s
sys 0m54.150s

Seems that there is a slight benefit but its also barely above noise

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