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    SubjectRe: appletouch quirk doesn't run at resume
    On 3/28/07, Jiri Kosina <> wrote:
    > On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Thomas Meyer wrote:
    > > > I am not sure if this would help... According to the excerpt from X
    > > > log synaptics driver attempted to scan evdev devices and locate the
    > > > touchpad. However if this scan happen before udev had a chance to
    > > > process the event and create new /dev/input/eventX device node it will
    > > > fail.
    > > Okay. This strengthens above statement. And udev is too slow to create
    > > the devices, while the driver already scanned the directory.
    > > > I wonder if we should adjust the X driver to spin for a couple of
    > > > seconds in EventAutoDevProbe if the touchpad was already seen once...
    > > > Peter?
    > Yes, it looks like this is the root cause.
    > However I must admit that I don't like this behavior too much. We
    > shouldn't rely on drivers individual userland to wait for a reasonable
    > time before the udev settles down. This is not a nice API to provide. Will
    > try to think of some solution which would have reasonable
    > nastiness/functionality ratio.

    The proper fix would be teach X to recognize hotplug events. I've
    heard they are working on it.

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