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    Subjectdrivers/pci/probe.c patch in causes 'cannot adjust BAR0 (not I/O)' on NVidia MCP51
    I just upgraded from to on my Compaq V6000 laptop,
    which has an NVidia core chipset. It has the MCP51 and uses it for PATA
    and SATA.

    Booting the kernel causes two messages (and a kernel lockup)
    like this:

    0000:00:0d.0: cannot adjust BAR0 (not I/O)
    0000:00:0d.0: cannot adjust BAR1 (not I/O)

    Booting without ACPI, without APIC, without LAPIC makes no usable
    difference (although sometimes I will also receive a message about BAR2).

    This patch:;a=commitdiff;h=ed8ccee0918ad063a4741c0656fda783e02df627;hp=9e5755bce00bb563739aeb0f09932a1907521167

    is the cause... backing it out results in a working kernel on
    my laptop.

    I'll be happy to provide any assistance I can debugging this problem.
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