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    SubjectRe: [patch] rfc: introduce /dev/hugetlb
    On 3/23/07, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
    > a) Ken observes that obtaining private hugetlb memory via hugetlbfs
    > involves "fuss".
    > b) the libhugetlbfs maintainers then go off and implement a no-fuss way of
    > doing this.

    Hmm, what started this thread was libhugetlbfs maintainer complained
    how "fuss" it was to create private hugetlb mapping and suggested an
    even bigger kernel change with pagetable_operations API. The new API
    was designed with an end goal of introduce /dev/hugetlb (as one of the
    feature, they might be thinking more). What motivated me here is to
    point out that we can achieve the same goal of having a /dev/hugetlb
    with existing hugetlbfs infrastructure and the implementation is
    relatively straightforward. What it also buys us is a bit more
    flexibility to the end user who wants to use the interface directly.
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