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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix irqpoll on IA64 (timer interrupt != 0)

* Thomas Gleixner <> [2007-03-22 22:23]:
> > Also, the code presently passes the magic IRQ number into the generic IRQ
> > code. I wonder if we'd get a more pleasing result if we were to make the
> > generic IRQ code call _out_ to the architecture:
> > Then, ia64 can implement arch_is_irqpoll_irq() and it can do whatever it
> > wants in there.
> >
> > The __attribute__((weak)) thing adds a little bit of overhead, but I don't
> > think this is a fastpath?
> Well, depends what you consider a fastpath. When noirqdebug == 0, it is
> called on every interrupt.

I think that function is only called if irqfixup == 2, because if the
first condition in the expression is wrong, the evaluation of the
expression is aborted in C.

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