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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Sanitize filesystem NLS handling
Roman Zippel wrote:

> I agree that these parameters should be changable not just at compile time
> and the iocharset should be a global default, but the on disk encoding is
> often filesystem specific, so I'd rather keep this option per filesystem.

You are right, the on-disk encoding is filesystem specific. E.g., it is
always UCS-2 for CIFS, NTFS and VFAT (and my patch doesn't change this).

It is exposed as a mount parameter and kernel configuration option only for
fat and smbfs (the two filesystems that my patch touches for this matter),
and both of these filesystems come from DOS days, where there was one
codepage for a given country. So, for me, it made sense to glue these two
parameters, because they both should be set to this codepage. The contrary
would (AFAIK) only make sense if one gets floppies from France, but
communicates with Polish SMB servers. It is a very rare situation, isn't it?
Or do you know any other example where it would clearly make sense to have
different defaults for fat and smbfs?

Alexander E. Patrakov
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